Who WE Are

We are Dove Creek Church and we exist to make the name of Jesus Christ famous, one life at a time. We want to make a lasting impact in our world, in our communities, and in your life.

How does that happen? It starts with you! We want you to see your life changed and transformed to become a fully devoted follower of Christ! We want to help you get to know God better. Some of the next steps are: attending worship gatherings, reading your Bible, praying, connecting with a community group, and volunteering!

What We Believe

We believe in one God who has expressed himself in personal ways. We know God’s personality as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We believe the Bible communicates God’s saving message and is our reliable authority in all matters related to faith and Christian living.

We believe that all humankind struggles with self-centeredness.

We believe the love and grace of God is offered to every person. By turning from our own selfishness and trusting Jesus Christ, we experience a new life, being freed from the old patterns of self-destructive acts called sin.

We believe our new life in Jesus Christ is the gateway to transformation. 

We believe that Christian experience is more than a change of mind. It is a changed life; living out your faith.

We are part of the Church of the Nazarene, a family of 12,000 churches gathering in over 160 countries.

With roots that reach back to the Anglican and Methodist traditions, the very first Church of the Nazarene was started in Los Angeles in 1895 as a mission to the poor.

The name “Nazarene” refers to Jesus who grew up in the humble city of Nazareth. Remembering that Jesus was a Nazarene reminds us that God identifies with the poor and cares deeply about the everyday needs of the common person.

For more information about the International Church of the Nazarene please visit www.nazarene.org.

What to expect

Casual atmosphere. Come as you are. If you are a “jeans” type of person, wear jeans. If you like to dress up, feel free to. We value “being real”, so please be yourself. 

BTW – our pastor wears jeans most of the time, but sometimes he likes to wear a suit.

One way that we worship at Dove Creek Church is through music. Our desire is not to perform for you, but for you to participate with us. Please join with us as we worship. Don’t worry if you don’t know the songs, you’ll pick them up quickly.

Thought provoking messages based on the Bible.

Communion is open to all believers and those that would like to begin their journey of following Jesus.

An offering is received during our gatherings for those that have become part of the Dove Creek Church to support the Mission of the Church. If you are visiting with us, please do not feel any pressure from us to give financially.

Friendly people who hang out and chat in groups that meet throughout the week.

Next Steps to help you follow Jesus.

Opportunities to help others.

Worship Gathering

Join us every Sunday at 10:30am

Our worship gatherings are opportunities to join with others and let what God has been doing in our lives throughout the week flow out in praise to God. They provide the chance to be in God’s presence, listen and respond to God, linger there, and then go and love the world as Jesus did. Whether we’re celebrating who God is or just being still before God, it’s about passionately and authentically glorifying God.