discipleship ministries

We here at Dove Creek believe in doing church as a community. We understand that the Bible teaches the way Followers of Christ experience spiritual growth is within the context of Christian community. God did not create us to grow spiritually by ourselves. We need each other to grow. In our Discipleship Ministries we are able to be intentional about going deeper with God and others. We want everyone to be liberated from the bondage of sin and oppression, so that we can grow in grace to reflect Christlikeness in the world.  

We have everything from a sunday morning adult bible study, to a weekly men's breakfast, monthly women's creative gatherings, to a weekly saturday morning running group, as well as a monthly after worship fellowship lunch. 

Find out more in each weeks bulletin. 

Youth & Kids

We love kids and we do everything we can to make sure we provide a safe and awesome environment. 

Our Goal is that kids leave children's church being able to say two things, “I had fun and this is what I learned about God!” 

We believe that it is vital that kids participate with adults in worship to help them be connected to the church as a whole, and we don't view children's church as wasted time or babysitting! In fact, we are planning a work and witness trip for entire families to come on together because we believe life change happens inter-generationally. 

Our youth department is part of our district NYI [Nazarene Youth International.] We have district and regional events. Most of our youth are connected in the church and help from the kitchen to the sound booth. We see our young eagles as our next leaders.

Worship Arts

Worship Team

We believe God is the ultimate artist. From the begining his creative passion was brought out through his creation. It is our desire to reflect God's creativity. Through the arts at Dove Creek --music, video, imagery and drama--we believe God's message can shine while he works through our creativity.

Technical Team

The Technical Team is comprised of volunteers, some are experienced while others are not, who assist in the numerous technical positions that make the weekend experiences work.

Interested in volunteering? Connect with us now.

Dove Creek Karatedo

Participating in the Dove Creek Karate-Do is a wonderful opportunity for you to develop total fitness. In our group we teach and encourage the development of the whole person. You will learn personal discipline, acquire excellent physical conditioning, learn biblical principles that apply to your life, develop self-defense skills, gain self-confidence and have fun while working towards the coveted

black belt. In only a short time, you will begin to experience some amazing changes in your life. Come and join us now! 

The Dove Creek Karate Organization teaches Shotokan Karate-do as its primary form in martial arts and Okinawa Shorin-ryu karate for defense tactics. We strive to maintain the  highest standards of the World Karate Federation in the sports technical aspects of Karatedo. We are constantly researching and checking with the Philippine  Karatedo Federation and World Karate Federation on current rules of competition, Shotokan requirements and standardization. 


Monday and Wednesday

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm: Karate

5:35 pm - 6:00 pm: Arnis (stick fighting)


The cost will be $40 a month, not including the uniform. Uniforms can be purchased at www.karatedepot.com after the first session.

Programs We Offer:

Adult Program:

The purpose of the Adult Program is to provide self defense skills that will help you protect your loved ones. It also provides a fun environment for adults who are goal oriented and will encourage physical fitness that revolves around karate while, teaching and incorporating Christian character development.  

Junior Program: 

The purpose of the Junior Program is to provide a safe and encouraging environment for juniors to: equip them with self defense knowledge, to strengthen their growing muscles and improve hand and body coordination all while learning karate and applying Christian qualities. The Junior Program will be broken up in to age appropriate instructional groups: Pee Wee - kindergarten, Grade School - 1st grade to 6th grade, and Junior - 7th grade to 12th grade. 

Weapons Program:

The purpose of the Weapons Program is to bring an element of ancient karate while adding excitement to the class. The weapons we will be teaching on are the Filipino art of Arnis or stick fighting. 

Black Belt Team:

The purpose of the Black Belt Team is to give goal-driven students an opportunity to be recognized in as a dedicated student and become an important part of the school. (­for more information please contact your karate instructor) 

Leadership Program:

The purpose of the Leadership Program is primarily designed to help students begin on the path of being a Dove Creek Karate Leader and future instructor. The Leadership Program also helps the development of the school by providing an outlet for school spirit and assistance to the instructors during class.